the dragon slain


In the beginning we understand so little. Nothing is clear. Our perspective is skewed, disproportionate.

What to believe? Our bodies are so new and so strong, each emotion so pure and undilute.

Every discovery is a light which illuminates further down the path: what senses will we taste? What else is there to know?

With experience comes complexity. Others shade our views and responses.

We learn to gauge our reflexes by the reactions of those around us. This is a learned elasticity. It is imperative for survival.

At some point, not graphed on any map, we realize we have traveled into a sophistication that can not be reversed. This is the loss of innocence.

Will things ever become so pure and straightforward again? Possibly not. The act of living fills a person with a past that will not be erased, for good or for ill.

This life can not be lived flawlessly. What is done cannot be undone.

This life moves only in the forward. We live around, not knowing how.

The dragon slain becomes a memory.

Start again.
Believe in now.



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  1. Hey, Sharon. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and your writing still moves me. I feel the things you articulate. I can’t write like you, but I’m here in my corner of the world nodding my head in nonverbal amens. :) Thanks for sharing your talents with the world.


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